If you want to support BakaBT you can make a donation. We will accept only as much money as we need. If the server bill has been paid for this month (and perhaps a few months ahead) donations will close until another payment has been made.

We have had problems in the past with a black-box donation system so we now have a fully transparent donation system. When you make a donation, our payment processor will 'call' our site and it will automatically verify the donation. When the donation has been completed it will show up on the donation chart donation chart when it's verified.


If you donate you will get:
  • Donator status () if you donate € 3 or more
  • 10 GB upload credit for each euro you donate.

Make a donation

At the moment donations are closed until a server bill has been paid.

1 Depending on the payment processor it may require a fee for sending the money, usually BakaBT will pay the fee, this means your actual donation will be slightly less.
2 Some payment processors may require a fee for conversion between currencies.
3 The server bill is paid in Euro, hence donations are in Euro.

Make a donation for BakaSHOTS

To support BakaSHOTS please log in with your credentials and make your donation here.

Anonymous donation

When donating anonymously you will not receive any form of credit for donating (else it wouldn't be anonymous).
Your donation will be listed as 'Anonymous user donated € (amount)'.

Fully anonymous: you need to log out before choosing an amount so we don't know who you are.

If for any reason the donation does not reach the 'completed' state you will need to contact Duki to remove the donation from the log.


You will need to sign up again if you want to get notified the next time donations are open.
Currently we are in the lucky position that donations close very quickly, it's a bit scary even.
If you look at the donation chart donation chart you can roughly estimate when we will be paying another server bill (every 3 months). We're getting a lot of requests from people to tell me when donations are open again. The notification system will take care of this.
If donations are open notifications will be sent out.